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Laser Hair Removal

Now men and women alike are making unwanted facial and body hair a thing of the past thanks to the Cutera CoolGlide Laser and ProWave IPL. No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors! This laser delivers 21st century technology for treatment of this distressing problem. Cleared for permanent hair reduction, the CoolGlide Laser and ProWave IPL can treat men and women of all skin types and tones safely and effectively. Even patients with a suntan.

Xeo Permanent Laser Hair Reduction Chin
Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

While laser hair removal is a safe procedure and Omaha patients experience very little discomfort during and after treatment*, there are certain conditions that can hinder results. Laser hair removal works effectively for patients who are:

  • Fair-skinned

  • Not tanning (spray, naturally, or at a tanning booth)

  • Medium or dark hair color.

While this procedure is safe for any patient, the results will not be as effective

What areas can be treated?

Laser hair removal can remove hair from all parts of the body including the face, legs, arms, underarms, and back. It can also treat sensitive areas like the chest, nipples, and bikini line.

What does it feel like?

When the pulse of light is delivered, some patients experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation. No local anesthesia or pain medication is typically required; however, some patients may prefer to use a topical anesthetic when sensitive areas are treated.

What Will Happen During the Procedure?

Laser hair removal is a safe and non-invasive procedure that will take between a few minutes and an hour to complete. During your treatment Aleasha will:

  • Adjust the handheld ProWave or CoolGlide laser to your specific needs.

  • Apply the laser to your hair follicles. It will initially cool your skin prior to treatment to reduce discomfort.

  • Target specific hair follicles for a fraction of a second to prevent regrowth. The laser will continue to cool your skin during this step.

The length of your procedure depends on the amount of hair that you would like removed. Larger areas with more hair will take longer and patients will need repeated treatment to take effect.

What happens after the treatment?

Immediately following your ProWave treatment, the area may appear a bit red and swollen. Three to seven days after treatment you may experience what seems to be regrowth of hair. Actually, most of these hairs are being shed as a result of your treatment and are not regrowing. Between treatments you should not wax or pluck your hair, but it is permissible to shave.



How Many Treatments?

Each patient has a different pattern of hair growth and response to laser hair removal. Factors that influence the number of sessions needed are:

  • Thickness of hair

  • Hair color

  • Skin pigmentation

Most areas require 4-8 treatments. However, the number of treatments required for optimal long-term benefits depends on multiple factors: hair thickness, the area treated, and your hair’s growth cycle. Interestingly, not all hairs are actively growing at the same time and actually go through three distinct phases: growth, regression, and resting. Laser hair removal treatments work by disabling the hair that is principally in the active growth phase at the time of treatment. Since other hairs will enter this active growth phase at different times, additional treatments may be necessary to disable all of the hair follicles in a given area.

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